Leadership Skagit State Street High School Project

Partnership between Sedro-Woolley School District, Sedro-Woolley Alumni & Schools Foundation, Leadership Skagit, and Team Generation Skagit

Generation Skagit - State Stree High School Land Improvement Project

Skagit County is a special place – a community full of natural beauty, diverse people, successful industry, and so much more. This is not surprising to somebody like you, somebody who calls this area home or home base. For 18-years, Leadership Skagit has developed leaders to support and enhance this wonderful region. Now we – a part of the Leadership Skagit class of 2022 – ask that you join us in our efforts to enhance part of our community.

Who is our Partner? 
State Street High School (SSHS) in Sedro-Woolley provides students with diverse academic and vocational skills, empowering their success in a changing world. It is a personalized learning environment where students are valued as individuals and academically prepared for the future. It is a school that gives people alternative education and offers unique attention to the individualized needs of those who attend. Knowledge and personal development should be accessible to all of our children and should take place in a space that feels welcoming and accessible. SSHS offers this to students who are not best served in a traditional high school setting and are critical in helping to develop an underserved and often overlooked population of our children.

What is the Need We are Addressing? 
At SSHS, there is limited outdoor space that has been developed for student use. COVID-19 has placed a premium on access to outdoor space, where the risk for spread and infection is greatly reduced. While speaking with SSHS Principal, Barb Askland, and with the input of the current student body, it was made clear that improved outdoor space was needed – space where students could do the simplest of tasks, such as eating lunch, socializing, and experience nature. Again, COVID-19 has created an environment where these standard school time activities are challenging within their small facility, leading many students to participate in school-from-home options.

How are we Addressing this need? 
Team Generation Skagit, in conjunction with the Sedro-Woolley School District, and the Sedro-Woolley Alumni and School Foundation, are looking to provide such a space to these students; a space that supports the mission and vision of State Street High School. Team Generation Skagit is looking to increase the paved and useable outdoor space at SSHS, improve outdoor seating, adding natural vibrancy and foliage, and biggest of all adding safe shelter covering for these spaces to make them usable all year long.

How can YOU help? 

A project of this scope and scale will cost $68,500.00. 

ExpensesCost per unitUnits neededTotal CostPhase
19’ x 35’ concrete slab extension to existing 35’ x 35’ slab$4,500.001$4,500.001
Commercial outdoor picnic tables$1,100.002$2,200.001
Raised cedar garden beds$400.003$1,200.001
Requested moveable outdoor games (tetherball, and cornhole)$150.004$600.001
Pink Level (Phase 1 items) Total  $8,500 
Covered Structure for new 19’ x 35’ slab$10,000.001$10,000.002
Blue Level (Phase 1 and 2 items) Total  $18,500 
Covered Structure for the existing 35’ x 35’ slab$50,000.001$50,000.003
Green Level (Phase 3 items only) Total  $50,000 
Gold Level (Phase 1, 2, and 3 items) Total  $68,500 

This project will be sequenced and completed based on the total funds we are able to raise. 

  • Raising $8,500.00 achieves the Pink Level phase which adds a new slab, picnic tables, raised garden beds, and moveable outdoor games specifically requested by the current student body.
  • Raising $18,500.00 achieves the Blue Level phase which adds all Pink Level items AND providing a shelter cover to that new area
  • Raising $50,000.00 achieves the Green Level phase which exclusively adds a large shelter cover to the existing basketball court slab
  • Raising the full $68,500.00 achieves the Gold Level phase which adds the entire suite of items and shelter covers

Team Generation Skagit cannot do this alone. We are looking to you to join our efforts by making a gift in support of our county’s children.  Will you send a gift before April 30th, 2022 to make this project a reality?

Donations can be made online (www.swhsaa.com/cubsgive) or mailed to:

Sedro-Woolley Alumni & Schools Foundation 
PO Box 509 
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

If giving through the on-line option, please select “Leadership Skagit – State Street HS Project” to assure the funds go to the correct place. If giving through the mail, please make checks out to SDASF and write “Leadership Skagit 2022 Project” in the memo line.

In thanks,

Team Generation Skagit – Leadership Skagit c/o 2022
Team website: https://generationskagit.com/?fbclid=IwAR2HKA-BFIUrRmgsidqVfuwCQXeuCJqyH7Y9E2COQe89KrlH8sq95cNmCJk

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